Porting Scheme For Max version 0.4 to s4pd? How soon?!

After reading your announcement of version 0.4 of Scheme For Max, I’m looking forward to a port of that version to s4pd!

I don’t know the difficulties or how long this is likely to take; can I hope to see it soon?

Hi Forrest, welcome to the forum! It’s tricky to say how much of this will get ported. The gc helper features definitely, but I don’t know about the grid as I’m not sure whether Pd has a similar graphic layer that would make porting easy. The arrays could still be useful though, have to think about that one!

I’m planning to do another Pd release in a few months, I need to write up all the work on the Max one for my thesis, but would like to have a Pd release ready for that too. I’m glad to hear you are finding it useful! :slight_smile:

Trying to think of possibly appropriate objects:
pd/extra/unauthorized/grid, [um right graphic but shows only one value, xy of last mouse-click.

Um, if I think of anything…

thanks, I’ll take a look at those. If we’re lucky it’s not too hard a port to however Pd does it!

thanks Forrest